International conference ‘Arcadian Landscapes’

Save the dates if you like to join us during the international conference ‘Arcadian Landscapes’ on Thursday the 1th and Friday the 2th of November. This two day conference will put European heritages and estates in the spotlight. The area-oriented approach of cultural heritage regarding estates and country estates with their surrounding landscapes will be the center of attention. The conference will be supported by the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

The registration starts in the beginning of September. The program is then complete.

During the conference we will talk about the following three topics:
Participation of the public and cultural tourism
Knowledge development and research
Policy, management and conservation

What do we learn from regional heritage ensembles? Which European heritage lines are available to connect cultural heritage to larger regions and how can we use them as an impuls to area development?
How can we realize a large public reach, particularly to the leisure economy, and how can we redeem the values of cultural heritage?

The two day conference offers a divers program with high-profile keynote speakers, such as Tom Williamson (UK), Heike Düselder (DE), Hans Renes and Hanneke Ronnes (NL).
Next to the parallel sessions, information and knowledge about the social meaning of cultural heritage in relation to the surrounding landscapes, will be shared by heritage professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, policymakers, students and other people interested.

The conference takes place in the estate Stania State, Oentsjerk, nearby the European Cultural Capital 2018, Leeuwarden. Also on Friday afternoon there will be an excursion to the estate of Oranjewoud, the landscape park of Oranjestein and the Museum Belvédère.

The ticket price for the two day conference is € 250,-  lunch included as well as diner on Thursday evening and the excursion on Friday afternoon. The full program will be available in September 2018 and this is also when you will receive the official invitation. The program will be uploaded onto the website along with a registration form. If you have any questions please email us on

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